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English Voice Over Studio English Translation Looking for a reliable, budget-friendly, accurate, and trustworthy translation service provider in India? The English Voice Over Studio is one of the best and finest English translation provider studios in India. With global service standards, we are an India-based translation agency. With our high-quality service, the English voice over studio can deliver 99% accurate translation in almost every industry. We have trained and experienced English translators in every accent and also very sincerely they adopt all your cultural appropriateness, styles, and linguistic connotations during the translation. Professional and experienced translators get the best and high-quality translation service at the English voice over studio.

About English Voice Over studio

The English voice over studio is an Indian-based post-production studio in Delhi. We are specialized in various genres to provide you translation services such as movies, TV series, cartoons, animation, documentaries, advertisements, commercials, theatrical, video games, or other audio and video content in any English accent you prefer according to your preferences. English voice over studio has a repository of talented and experienced translators to choose from for all types of projects. To deliver you top-quality translation service we have a pool of English translators in different accents.

Services we provide

English movie translation

English web series translation

English interviews translation

English seminar translation

English educational video translation

English animation translation

English corporate video translation

Why us

For agile and highly scalable translations we are the one-stop solution. Our English translations are 99% accurate because they are only done by human experts and this fact alone guarantees that you will get the high-quality translation service for all your valuable projects. With over 15 years of experience, the English voiceover studio always provides the best translation service according to the budget and that’s why our clients keep coming back and like to work with us. To provide you high-quality service at a reliable price is our utmost priority. We at the English voiceover studio professionally trained our language translators and they have substantial knowledge in translating documents from financial to medical and Information technology to healthcare.

Our package

Our package completely depends on your project. Still, we assure you that with the level of quality we give you at a reliable price no one will ever give you that quality in the translation industry. Contact us at to know more about the English voiceover studio