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Looking for an international English Voice Over Studio for your valuable project? The English voice over studio is one of the best voice over studios in Delhi with experienced voice over artists. The English voice over studio is an Indian-based wholly professional, dedicated, and high-quality voice over recording studio with over 16 years of experience. We at the English voice over studio have a pool of professional and experienced voice over artists to choose from. We record a voice over to the highest standards at a reliable price according to the voice over market.

About English Voice Over Studio

The English voice over studio is an Indian-based post-production studio in Delhi. We are specialized in various genres such as voice-over for IVR, commercial voice over, voice-over for promotional videos, audiobooks voice-over, movie voice over, e-learning voice over, in any English accent you prefer according to your requirements. We at the English voice over studio have a repository of talented and experienced voice over artists and subtitle linguists, where you can choose artists for all types of projects. To deliver you top-quality voice over service we have a pool of English voice over artists in different accents.

Services We Provide

English Entertainment Voice over
English corporate voice over
English telephonic voice over
English commercial voice over
English narration voice over
English Tv series voice over
English animation voice over
English audiobook voice over and much more.

We At The English Voice Over Studio Provide A Large Array Of Different English Accents,

European English accent
American English accent
Britain English accent
Irish English accents
Scottish English accent
Australian English accent
Indian English accent
South African English accent, etc.

Why Us

while retaining the precise rhythm of the content at a pocket-friendly price the English voiceover studio delivers high-quality voiceover services. For commercials, promotional videos, E-learning, explainer videos, IVR, audiobooks, and PRAM at competitive costs we offer high-quality voiceover and recording service. Provide you top quality service is our utmost priority. To provide you high-quality voiceover service at a reliable price before the deadline, our experienced and proficient voiceover artists are always dedicated. To ensure that your data is safe and secure with the English voiceover studio we are heavily invested in the latest technologies and follow a stringent confidentiality policy. Whether it’s Advertising, E-learning, Media & Entertainment (TV series, OTT platforms), Cinema (feature, animation, documentaries), Gaming, or other industries we give superior services to make our clients happy and successful.

Our Package

Our package completely depends on your project still we assure you that with the level of quality we give you at a reliable price no one will ever give you that quality in the voiceover industry. To know more about us feel free to contact us at